Friday - Day 5


By: Pete Mehegan
Peter serves faithfully in our kids room! He has such a heart and passion for the next generation! He is a forty-year veteran teacher and a former missionary to France, Morocco and Israel.

The Future is today if you see it:

Joel 2:28, recalled by Peter in Acts 2:17: "Your sons and your daughters will prophesy."

Isaiah 54:13:  "All your children shall be taught by the Lord,
And great shall be the peace of your children."

Daniel 11: 32b-33a: "...but the people that do know their God shall be strong anddo exploits. And they who understand among the people shall instruct many..."


    When Antoine de St. Éxupéry wrote The Little Prince, he dedicated it to his best friend Léon Werth, a grownup. He begins by apologizing to the children for dedicating his work to a grownup, but he explains it like this: Léon Werth is his best friend; he lives in France during WWII, and needs consolation; and, most important of all, he understands everything, even children’s stories. In fact, he was once a child. St. Éx points out that we all were children, too, once, though few remember that now. He ends up dedicating one of the greatest children’s books ever written to “Léon Werth…when he was a child.” 

Few remember what it was like to be a child. How many, in the fires of teen angst, remember their own children when they were cute, cuddly, harmless and little? If you know of troubled teens, especially if you’ve lost hope…can you picture that terrifying teen as a child? …as a newborn? Would you ascribe to that baby what you see in him today? We all began as an innocent baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a cradle. Who foresaw what we have become? If you had been there to pray for that child as a baby, what would you pray for him today? Now imagine if that child were born again today…what would you pray? How would you pray. That’s the whole point of Christianity, isn’t it? Imagine if we were all born again…with new swaddling clothes and a fresh start! Do you want help? Read John 17. Read how Jesus prayed for us just as we are, and ask yourself what it would look like, if one day God would consider answering Jesus’ prayer for you and me, with the Glory God gave Jesus all over us. Imagine serving a God who answers that prayer on our behalf! What would we look like today? Now pick a child. Pick a teen. Pray Jesus’ prayer over him or her…and ask yourself what they will look like when God answers your prayer, as Jesus’ promised He would. If that’s how you begin to see them, and you mean it, and you tell them so; they can begin to see themselves in a new light, too. Now let’s pray.



    Jesus has given us the words that you gave Him, and we have received them and have come to know in truth that He came from you; and we have believed that you sent Him.  We are now praying according to His Word. We’re praying for our children. Our offspring are yours.  All ours are yours, oh Father, be glorified in them.Keep these children in your name, that we may once again be one, even as you are One. Let us not be of the world, just as You are not of the world.  We’re not praying that you take us or our children from the World, but that you keep us from the evil one. As we are not of the world, sanctify us in the truth. Your word is truth. As you send them into the world, we consecrate ourselves today, that our children also may be sanctified in truth, as they see your truth in us.

If you have given us the glory that you have given Jesus, according to His prayer for us, then, oh, unite our hearts to pray as one for this generation, that your glory rest on them as well. Let our sons and daughters prophesy. Let the young dream dreams. Be to them teacher, guide, comforter and Friend. Father, we desire to be with Jesus where He is, to see what He sees; to see His glory risen on this generation, that same glory that you gave Jesus because you loved us all before the foundation of the world. O righteous Father, even though iniquity abounds as you foresaw, let us know you, the Only True God. Let our love never grow cold. Let your love abound and increase in us in knowledge and in depth of insight. As we pray standing in Jesus’ name, and confident that we pray according to your will, we thank you and will thank you for hearing us. Open even our eyes that we might see these the beginnings of your work in this glory filled generation.

Grace Capital Church