Wednesday - Day 3


Karen Capen serves faithfully in our Jr. Kids room. She is an incredible leader who truly pours out her heart in everything she does. 

Mark 10:15: "Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it." 


I love the one Sunday a month when I get to put on my GCC kids t-shirt and go and serve in the jr. kids room. First of all I don't have to pick out what I'm going to wear and secondly I get to go teach and learn about how much God loves us and how Jesus wants to be our friend forever with a great teen helper and a bunch of 3-5 year olds. When I first thought about serving in children's ministries I was not sure if I was qualified for various reasons ( sinful past, not knowing scriptures that well). I decided I would just go and assist in some way. Overtime I was "elevated" to leading the class. Through the love and encouragement and advice of many I have come along way since my first days leading when I would read from a note card and the kids would run around and ignore me. 

I have learned many things in my few years (how to pronounce Nicodemus, how to tell the story of Aaron holding Moses's arms up correctly by a 4 year old). It was not the things I thought that qualified me to be there. What qualifies any of us to serve Jesus is that we follow his command and receive him as a child.

What a blessing and a joy it has been to witness children receiving Jesus while they are still children. A little while ago I noticed that these kids who had been in class together for a while we're all getting along and helping one another. They had become a little tribe made up of kids from all different places. Jesus is in the kids rooms!


Lord, I pray for the current volunteers that they be refreshed and refilled with your joy. I pray for the future volunteers to not let doubt keep them from serving. I pray for the parents and caregivers of children, that they be blessed with all good things as they guide their children to follow Jesus and I pray for everyone to receive Jesus with childlike faith. Amen

Grace Capital Church