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This church has changed my life completely. The first time I attended with a very special friend (ok, I was pretty much dragged there) I felt weird. So different from the Catholic indoctrination I was subjected to growing up. (No offense to anyone. It just doesn’t work for me). New people feel welcomed and important. A parking space reserved for first time visitors, greeters welcome you warmly and when services are over, first timers get a gift bag. Coffee, donuts, pastries, tea, water is available and you can bring them into the worship service.

On my first visit I noticed boxes of tissues all around in the church. (Does everyone here have allergies?); a full drum set, guitars, keyboards, cameras, lights and stage setup which rivals any small concert venue. (Hmmm I did used to enjoy a folk mass song or two. Maybe this place wont be so bad after all). Well long story even longer.....as I looked around people were dressed as they chose, age ranged from 1 month old to senior citizens (I am a Boomer and qualify as that now), no statues all over, no kneelers, comfy seats, did I say Tv screens? (What is this place they call a church? ) Music starts, announcement are made on the screens, people enter from a side door onto the stage. A dude in ripped jeans takes center stage, guitar in hand and says the words that began to change my life “Good morning Church!” (Think Peter Frampton yelping “Thank you” to his adoring fans).

Ok, where was the priest, minister or reverend to do the service? The crowd rises to their feet, young and old alike, as the full band begins to play. Words to the songs scroll on the tv screens, people are rocking out, clapping and singing along with the band. Then they go into another song, a bit slower this time. After the songs it was Community Time to greet those around you and introduce yourselves, hit the restrooms, get more coffee, etc. After the 7th inning stretch, a regular looking guy is on the stage and he greets everyone then starts to tell a story. Then he links it to the Bible. I am intrigued by now and for me, one who is easily squirreled, I listen more and more intently. This dude is pretty cool. Turned out he is the Lead Pastor. When he is almost done speaking, he calls the worship team back on stage and a song later we are done.

On my way out with my friend, who introduced me to everyone he ran into while we were there, he asked me what I thought. Hmmmm. I told him I had never seen so many happy people in one place at the same time. Thus began my change. And it has continued month after month. Better and better each week. I’m at the point now that I begin to look forward to going to GCC and feel the draw to hear more and more of The Word. After a long time battling such a deep depression that I hated life even on several medications , the darkness began to lift. A few ups and downs along the way. Came to this place too late to save my marriage and I may be losing my home of over 30 years soon but I will be OK. I believe God has a plan for me and everything is for the best. My heart and soul are lifted and full of peace and joy. I have found my way home.

Thank you Grace Capital Church, Pastor Mark, Pastor Richie, and to my friends John, Chuck, Julie, Noli and Dave, Victoria and her Mom and everyone else. GCC really is the best. And to the lady with the silvery hair and the white sweater on who gave me a hug Sunday when I needed it most. You were my turning point and I shall never forget you. And for those of you who have taken the time to read this whole post ..... please come and see why this place and the people are so very special.

-Cathy Mahon

Absolutely my spiritual home. I highly recommend this Church to anyone in need of hearing the Word, and walking/talking the path to Glory. Pastor Mark and Pastor Richie make great strides to encompass all souls, all needs.

-Lenore Palmer

I have been blessed to be a member of GCC since it first opened in Pembroke. Our Pastors preach solid Biblical messages that equip us to face daily challenges in our life and help us to grow in our walk with God. There are an abundance of activities, life groups , and studies available to participate in where you will find love, acceptance, and support.

-Vicki Therrien


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