LifeGroup Community Transformation Grant

See what one of our LifeGroups did to bless the Boys and Girls Club of Allenstown, NH!

The Gagnon's Story - Hear how god brought healing and joy!

God still does miracles!  He touches the physical body and the deepest places of our soul.

Sycamore Garden's Story - Hear how GCC is transforming our community!

Listen to the way we were able to make an impact that matters!

Bre's Story  - Hear how Jesus healed Breanne!

This is a true miracle story where God showed His tangible love!  

Yvonne's story - connecting to LifeGroup!

God healed her from addiction and this is how community works!

The Heath Story - Bennet's Healing

Bennet was born with a hole in his heart and hear how God healed him!