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Community Transformation Grant Overview

Grant Purpose:

To encourage and support your LifeGroup in accomplishing our mission, we are making available a $300 micro-grant (one grant per life group session) for your LifeGroup to reach out to your community in creative ways; based on your LifeGroup’s gifts, talents and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Funds are intended to help you purchase materials, supplies and cover expenses, either for special projects or the ongoing active participation of your Lifegroup in a community organization.  It is not intended to be used as a cash grant or donation of funds directly to an individual or organization.

Examples of Grant Uses:

An elderly person in your neighborhood can’t afford necessary repairs to her front porch.  Your Lifegroup reaches out to her, purchases materials and supplies with your grant, gathers on a Saturday at her house to make the necessary repairs, and explains that Jesus calls us to love our neighbor as the reason for doing the work.

A homeless shelter is operating in your community.  Coordinating with the shelter, your LifeGroup purchases food to prepare meals and delivers them weekly/monthly to the shelter; staying to eat, pray and get to know the residents as a way to share with the “least of these.”

Your Lifegroup contacts a local school and coordinates with them to use your grant to put together a basic package of school supplies for low income children, for them, or your LifeGroup, if possible, to distribute as needed at the school or through a local organization, shining light in your school district.

If you have questions about a project or grant idea, or would like to discuss possibilities for grant uses, contact Pastor Bill Pelletier at

Grant Instructions:

Grant requests can only be initiated by the Church-designated LifeGroup leader.

Complete the attached Community Transformation Grant (CTG) request, including the purpose of the funds and the anticipated or estimated expenditures for the project or activity.

Submit the request form to Pastor Bill Pelletier at the GCC Office or through this website.  Grants requests will take 2 to 4 weeks to process.

The LifeGroup leader will receive disbursement instructions from the Church Office for the grant, and will be the responsible party for its proper application.  The instructions will include a Monthly Disbursement report to account for the use of the funds until they fully disbursed. After completion of the grant activity, we will ask you to complete a summary to share about your experience.

Grants may be requested for each new LifeGroup rhythm cycle.  However, only one grant at a time per Lifegroup may be active.  Current grants must be fully disbursed before new grants may be requested.


Community Transformation Grant Form

Please read CTG Overview before completing.

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