Facility Use


GCC’s mission: “A JESUS-CENTERED CHURCH GROWING TOGETHER THROUGH DEVELOPING DISCIPLES AND TRANSFORMING OUR COMMUNITIES”. In keeping with that mission, GCC has offered the use of its Facility to area churches, charitable organizations, schools and community groups. We make available our sanctuary, café, foyer, classrooms, conference rooms, multipurpose center and our parking lot.

In light of the many activities held in our building(s), and because of the primary purpose of our Facility, this Policy and Agreement were prepared to help to avoid confusion and con icts over the use of these Facilities and to ensure the proper uses of the property.

Applications are subject to the approval and nal decision of the GCC Facilities Coordinator. Priority for use of the Facility will be given as follows:

  1. Church groups: Regularly scheduled meetings or events to carry out the mission of the Church

  2. Member events: Weddings, family celebrations, etc.

  3. Church related groups: Church sponsored organizations; interfaith groups, youth

  4. Development groups and groups which carry out the purposes of the Church.

  5. Non-Church related groups: Community service organizations, community interest groups, receptions, non-church sponsored recitals, recreation and fellowship activities, club or group meetings.

First priority is given to those groups within the Church family. On rare occasions, Church groups may need to be moved to accommodate an event of greater importance (e.g. a wedding, a funeral, etc.). When this happens, alternate arrangements with the preempted group will be made.

The Facilities are not available for partisan/political purposes, for recruitment of members for clubs outside of the Church, or for private enterprise. We will accept requests for use by public and community events based on facility and staff availability and group needs. An attempt will be made to host as many events as possible. Our purpose is to be a good neighbor by having an interest in the community beyond our congregation. We only host events that are consistent with our vision and mission.

Policy Governing the Use of the Building

  1. Outside groups wishing to use Church Facilities or property must complete a written appli- cation on forms furnished by the Church of ce (info@gccnh.com), at least six (6) weeks in advance of the event (Church of ce hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday-Thursday.) The primary applicant must be at least 21 years of age. A refundable security deposit of $100 is required subsequent to the application’s approval and will be returned after completion of Facility use, pending an inspection of the items listed on the post building-use checklist by a designated Church representative.

  2. All groups will restrict their activity to the room(s) or area(s) assigned.

  3. Each group will be held responsible for the care and condition of the space and equipment


  4. All groups will perform their own general clean up and return of furnishings to their original

    locations/positions. All program materials brought by the group will be removed from the space when the event is over. All rooms must be left the way you found them and trash must be taken out.

  5. All needs must be listed on the Facility Use Agreement. If your needs change unexpectedly, please contact us, although the church cannot guarantee that any additional requests will be honored.

  6. Groups must provide certi cate of liability insurance listing Grace Capital Church as addi- tional insured.

Terms of Agreement


Payments may be made only by cash or check. All checks must be made payable to Grace Capital Church (GCC) and have the organization’s name, address and phone number written on the front of the check. 50% of the estimated balance is due 2 weeks prior to your event. The nal balance due will be determined after the event. The security deposit will be applied to these expenses assuming that an inspection determines that the Facility wasn’t damaged and that the organization otherwise complied with the terms of the agreement. Full payment is expected within 15 days of the event.


A $100.00 security deposit, along with the signed Agreement is required to guarantee any reserva- tion.


It is the responsibility of the organization using the Facility to obtain a certi cate of Liability Insur- ance from its insurance carrier and to obtain similar certi cates from any vendors, caterers or pro- viders who will also use the Facility for that event. Certi cate must be presented to the GCC Facility Coordinator ten (10) days prior to the event.

Reservation termination

Management reserves the right to refuse to reserve the Facility and/or to terminate any scheduled event.

Event Cancellation

If it becomes necessary to cancel an event, notice must be given to the GCC Facility Coordinator no later than 10 days prior to the scheduled event. If the event is canceled less than 10 day before, the security deposit may be forfeited.

Set-up & clean-up

The prices quoted are only for the rental of the space and available chairs. The organization using this Facility is responsible for general clean up along with set-up and break down of any chairs, tables or equipment used.

music & sound

Audio/Visual needs must be coordinated with the Facilities Coordinator. GCC will supply a limited amount of audio/visual equipment and a technician, for a fee. Please contact the Facility Coordina- tor if you would like help coordinating a pianist, soloist, or any other accompaniment as well as any special music plans you may have. Their decision regarding what is appropriate for the ceremony is made in conjunction with GCC’s Pastoral staff.


Non-GCC clergy performing ceremonies must be cleared through GCC’s Lead Pastor. Please pro- vide GCC with the pastor name, denomination and telephone number to set up a meeting.


It is the responsibility of the group/organization using the Facility to have all personal items used during the event removed no later than 5 business days following the event. Any items not re- moved will be discarded and/or Security Deposit may be withheld.

deliveries & storage

Delivery of items prior to function must be arranged with the Facility Coordinator. GCC is not re- sponsible for equipment or property that is lost or damaged before, during or after an event. All equipment or property brought into the Facility for a speci c event must be removed at the end of that event. Items left after the speci c rental time are subject to disposal.

food service

Outside catering can be contracted by the group/organization using the Facility but food must be delivered to the Facility ready to be served. Caterers will be permitted to use the prep kitchen to assist in setup and cleanup. Caterers are not permitted to enter Facility until the time speci ed on the Agreement. All caterers must meet with the approval of GCC. Keep in mind, that GCC does not stock or supply any items such as napkins, cups, coffee, trash bags, etc. for use by outside groups. Caterers are required to remove all equipment used for the function at the conclusion of event. GCC will not be responsible for any items or equipment left behind by caterers. It is recommended that all service providers meet with the Facility Coordinator prior to the event.

alcoholic beverages & smoking

Alcoholic beverages may not be served or consumed on the premises. No smoking, vaping or tobacco use of any kind is permitted in or outside of our facility. Please advise your guests of this policy, as failure to comply could result in GCC withholding some or all of the security deposit.


Beverage stations, raw bars, or any other “moisture problem” activity are to be set up in designated areas only. The caterer is required to provide protection for the oor and surrounding area.


General cleaning of GCC by the organization or its caterer will consist of the following responsibili- ties:

  1. Food preparation areas will be wiped down and all food will be removed or discarded after the event. All equipment will be returned to the original storage area after use.

  2. Exterior grounds (parking lots, grass areas, seasonal tent Facility, and associated public areas) will be left free of trash or any debris that may have accumulated as a result of the catered function.

  3. Trash is deposited in the dumpster if available, otherwise removed from the premises.

  4. Any Facility furnishings used by the caterer during the function will be wiped clean and left

    in the original condition and place where found.

  5. All decorations brought into the Facility for the function are to be removed.


Any group/organization or sponsor intending to conduct a function open to the public as well as private clients must obtain proper licensing and follow all regulations, ordinances, and laws set forth by the State of New Hampshire and Merrimack County. No function may take place without the proper licensing.

public safety

Clients are prohibited from placing items in corridors or blocking emergency exits. Clearance must also be maintained around sprinkler heads and nothing may be attached to them. No open ames are permitted. All candles must be enclosed in glass with the exception of wedding candles that are part of a unity candle ceremony.


Parking is only permitted in the designated parking areas.


All decorations are to be free standing. The use of nails, tacks, or similar materials to af x decora- tions is prohibited. All decorations must be removed from the building and grounds by the end of the reservation period. If decorations are not removed a fee will be charged. No tape of any kind is allowed on the walls, windowsills, molding, etc. The organization is responsible for arranging enough freestanding easels, dry erase boards or ip charts before an event. We recommend “Post- It” ip charts to be used in lieu of tape or glue products. No straw, hay, or animals may be brought into any part of the building.


The throwing of glitter, confetti, rice, birdseed, or similar items is prohibited. The use of bubbles outside the Facility is allowed.


The management of GCC may require police security for any function where there may be the need to protect the safety or wellbeing of the guests or Facility. The number of security personnel needed for a function will be determined and provided by the Town of Pembroke. The group/orga- nization will cover all costs for this service.


The sponsor of a reservation shall indemnify and hold GCC harmless from and against all actions, liabilities, claims, suits, damages, costs or expenses of any kind which may be brought or made against them of which GCC must pay and incur by reason of or in any manner resulting from the group/organization’s negligent performance of or failure to perform any of his/her/its obligations under the terms of reservation of agreement. GCC also reserves the right to require clients to provide proof of general liability insurance for any event being held at the Facility. The amount of insurance is based on the type of event to be held.

Please note that these rules and regulations are subject to change.
It is anticipated that almost all non-GCC usage of the facility would be by other ministries or non-pro t groups. Our desire is to share our facility as a community service: therefore we anticipate keeping usage fees as low as possible. Generally our charges would be to recover costs incurred by GCC, i.e.: cleaning, heating/cooling, opening/closing building, use of supplies, tech support per- sonnel, etc. For meetings occurring outside normal operating hours that require a GCC employee’s presence, fees may be higher.
For More Information Call: 603.415.4000 - Facility Coordinator Grace Capital Church 

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* The event coordinator will meet with you for planning of events. The initial appointment is a one time fee of $75. If the event coordinator will be present on the day of the event, their time will be billed at $25 per hour. An event coordinator must be present for an event of more than 100 people, or a non-member event with food being served.

** Cleaning and utility usage only.

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