God’s Presence Changes Us

  • When we realize that God is present always and everywhere, our life focus shifts from our works to His will.

The Holy Spirit Empowers Us

  • The Holy Spirit empowers us to live a life of faith so we can go all out for God.

People Matter to Us

  • People matter to us because they matter to God. We matter to God because He intentionally made each one of us to love Him and to love each other.

Generosity Becomes Us

  • Generosity produces thanksgiving to God. When we give generously and cheerfully of our time, talents, gifts, and finances, God gives generously back to us so that we may “have an abundance for every good deed.”

Our Community Should Want Us

  • People matter + generosity and cheerful giving = the church adding value to the community.

You and Me Make Us

  • We are meant to be a community of believers; we are not meant to live our faith in isolation. Each person has gifts and talents and purpose in the community. It is our job as people already in the community to welcome new believers and to disciple them so that they can find their calling.

The Truth (Word of God) is in Us

  • We cannot live the life God is calling us to if we have not hidden His word in our hearts. Before we step out in faith we need to be sure we are deep in His Word. If we are going to be dispensers of hope, the words on our lips should be the words of Truth. We can’t share what we don’t know.

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